4 Benefits To Waterproofing Concrete

4 Benefits To Waterproofing Concrete

Waterproofing concrete provides a great deal of benefits, such as added strength and reduced maintenance costs. Waterproofing concrete is considered a fundamental aspect of construction. The quality of concrete is dependent upon waterproofing application, at least to some extent.

Water is a fundamental ingredient to life, and it’s even used in the application of concrete, but too much water is full of negative consequences for concrete. By taking the right methods to waterproof concrete you actually prevent a wide range of costly damages.

Benefits to waterproofing concrete

#1. The Concrete Is Stronger

Long exposure to water leads to deterioration of surfaces, which is exactly what waterproofing aims to solve. That’s why waterproofed concrete is stronger and lasts longer than concrete that is not treated with waterproofing. Waterproofing limits the ways in which water can seep into concrete and start causing damages, such as cracks.

#2. Concrete Looks Better

Well-maintained concrete is going to look superior to poorly maintained concrete. When concrete surfaces look better it improves first impressions and makes your business or organization appear more professional.

#3. Prevent Water Damage

The number one reason waterproofing agents are applied to surfaces is to prevent water damage. Water is the leading cause of damages to so many different surface materials, including concrete.

#4. Reduced Concrete Maintenance Costs

Concrete waterproofing is very affordable and virtually pays for itself because it helps prevent so many potential problems that cost money to fix. Waterproofing is especially beneficial after a big storm or post-winter. Winter is when water has the chance to cause the most damage because as temperatures cool to the point of freezing, any moisture trapped in concrete freezes too. When water freezes it expands in mass, putting pressure on concrete that eventually leads to cracks.

Tips Before Waterproofing Concrete

-Surfaces should be clean of all debris and dry. Do a thorough sweeping to ensure nothing is still sitting on surfaces before waterproofing takes place.

-Patch and fix any existing holes in concrete surfaces.

-Make sure that any electrical boxes, stairs or non-concrete materials in the area are properly taped off.

Why You Should Hire Professional Services For Waterproofing Concrete

We don’t recommend waterproofing concrete DIY-style. Help from a professional with ample experience in this department is fundamental to a job well done. There are so many different products on the market geared to waterproofing concrete, and prior experience and knowledge is the only way to identify the best waterproofing agent for your concrete. By using the wrong waterproofing agents you could easily run into a number of issues.

What If Concrete Surfaces Look Old and Dirty?

If your concrete surfaces are breaking down to the point they appear old and dirty no matter how much you hose and dust them off, it might be time to add resurfacing material. There’s no need to rip up your concrete and start from scratch, this can cost over three times more than adding a surface overlay. Whatever you do, you should never pour a new layer of concrete on top of an old layer of concrete. The new concrete will not adhere properly to the old concrete, which leads to hello disaster!

Concrete resurfacing is a thin layer of cement-based overlay that has a unique bonding agent that adheres well to existing concrete. Plus, concrete resurfacing can provide waterproofing qualities as well as added protection against daily wear and tear.

High Quality Waterproofing Sealant For Concrete

It’s so important to use the correct waterproofing sealant for concrete in order to see the best results, in the immediate future and over the long haul. By using improperly matched or inferior products, you’re simply wasting time and money–and no one has time for that.  When you trust Kleenco Construction to waterproof concrete, pour concrete, fix or repair concrete, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality services from leading industry experts.