5 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Security Fencing

5 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Security Fencing

Commercial security fencing is a valuable investment that offers businesses privacy, security, and improved aesthetics. Different reasons may compel a business to install security fencing, such as keeping intruders out or maintaining safety and privacy on a busy street.

Virtually every property could benefit from some type of fence or gate, which brings us to the first common misconception about commercial security fencing…

1. My property doesnt need security fencing

We’ve yet to meet anyone who regrets investing in security fencing. There’s a lot of value that comes from safeguarding your business with a secure fence. It can improve your property’s aesthetics, address security concerns, and break up different areas of the property for more efficient navigation, just to name a few things.

2. You can only use aluminum fencing on flat ground

There was a time when pre-constructed aluminum fence posts required flat and even ground for installation, but modern technology has changed that. It is now easy to install aluminum fencing on all types of terrain, including steep hillsides or slopes, as well as uneven surfaces.

3. Anyone can climb a fence, so it won’t protect my property

While break-ins happen behind tall fences, a security fence can still help to protect your property from intruders. The most difficult type of fence for an intruder to climb is a chicken-wire or thin chain-link type fence, or something tall that offers nothing to grab onto to hoist oneself up.

Adding thorny vines that wrap around fencing can further deter anyone from climbing on it—those little thorns can hurt! There’s always the option for an electrical fence too. The more effort (or pain) one must endure to break in, the more likely they are to go next door where the pickings are easier.

4. Perimeter fencing requires a lot of maintenance

There are many low-maintenance options for fencing. If maintenance is a concern, discuss it with us and we can come up with an option that requires virtually no maintenance aside from annual cleanings.

5. All types of fencing offer the same benefits

There are many different types of commercial security fencing options, ranging in height, material, and overall design. Different types of fences are designed to serve unique needs and may offer unique benefits as well. For instance, some fences are more aesthetically pleasing, while others offer greater durability or security.

We create a partnership with our clients in which we work together to identify the best solutions. This includes finding the right commercial security fencing for your property and business.

6. All security fencing is ugly

As we mentioned before, commercial security fencing can add aesthetic benefits to a property.

So, while we’ve all seen ugly security fencing before, it’s far from your only option. Rest assured, there are plenty of fencing options that cater to both security and appearances.

Superior Commercial Security Fencing in Chattanooga, TN

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We offer the following commercial fencing services:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Cantilever gates
  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates
  • Wood privacy fencing

We also make repairs to railings and cuts from theft; we can replace chain mesh, flat steamed panels and welded wire panels

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