7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Commercial Concrete Contractor in Tennessee

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Commercial Concrete Contractor in Tennessee

Here are some important things to ask when selecting a commercial concrete contractor in Tennessee. From services offered to industry experience, every contractor offers something unique and no two are the same. You can enjoy quality project results with less hassles by finding the right commercial contractor for your project.

1. What Services Do You Offer?

Look for a commercial concrete contractor in Tennessee that offers more than just a couple random concrete services. The more your contractor can offer, the better. So many different things can crop up in one project. The more areas of expertise your contractor offers, the less likely it is you’ll have to deal with calling in additional teams.

Our services include: 

  • Commercial concrete installation & repairs
  • Commercial asphalt installation & repairs
  • Land clearing and excavation
  • Asphalt milling and grading
  • Water management solutions
  • Commercial fencing

2. What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

Check up on a contractor’s industry experience before hiring them to take on your project. Search for online reviews, and ask about previous similar projects to see if they have the experience and qualifications to successfully complete your project. This is especially important if you’re planning a large-scale construction project with a tight deadline or other stipulations.

3. When Can You Start Working?

Always inquire about availability, when a contractor can start, and about how long it will take to finish. Great contractors are generally in heavy demand, so you can’t expect miracles—especially during certain times of the year. Once the project begins, smaller concrete projects should take as little as 2-3 days. While larger projects may take weeks to complete.

4. Do You Reinforce Concrete with Rebar?

This type of question can help you feel out the contractor’s overall knowledge. He or she should explain if you need rebar or not based upon the weight and pressure to be placed on concrete.

5. What Permits Do I Need for This Project?

If the contractor has experience working on similar projects, he/she should have an idea as to what, if any, permits you need to obtain. If they seem unsure or flustered by this question, chances are they have not worked on this type of project in the past.

6.  Does Your Team Problem Solve or Just Solve Problems?

There’s a difference between a problem solver, someone who finds issues and comes up with innovative solutions, and someone who solves problems—or rather someone who knows the standard producer to fix a pothole or crack.

We consider ourselves a team of true problem solvers, ready to tackle everything from challenging water mitigation issues to asphalt foundation problems. We can spot underlying problems and we know how to fix them.

7. Can I Get a Quote for My Project?

A quote is one of the first steps to selecting a contractor. For one, you need to know if their services are within your estimated budget. And two, you want to make sure their prices are competitive with other contractors in the area. Get a quote

If you are looking for a contractor that:

  • Can seamlessly complete large-scale commercial projects
  • Offers a wide variety of services involving different elements of construction—from land clearing to concrete installation
  • Uses high quality materials and never cuts corners
  • Has the experience to quickly identify problems and come up with efficient and economical solutions

Then… Kleenco Construction is the trusted name you’re seeking. We have successfully completed some of the largest commercial concrete projects in Tennessee. Contact us today to learn more