9 Factors That’ll Influence Commercial Land Clearing Costs

9 Factors That’ll Influence Commercial Land Clearing Costs

Many factors influence commercial land clearing costs, including size of the land, local permitting requirements and the types of materials that need to get hauled away. Land clearing involves the removal of brush and trees, quite literally clearing an area so that it is blank and ready for a fresh start. If land is uneven and unsuitable for building, it’ll require grading as well.

Factors That Influence Commercial Land Clearing Costs

#1. What size area are you clearing?

Generally, the price for land clearing is calculated by square footage.

#2. What needs to get hauled away?   

There may be additional fees for removing and hauling away waste products as opposed to timber, for instance.

#3. Do you need permitting for land clearing?

If your land clearing project requires permitting through the city it is going to cost more after everything is said and done. Permitting can cost anywhere from $50 to over a couple hundred dollars. Expenses can really get out of hand if you overlook the need for permits and forge onward. Not only could you be finned, but if one little thing is non-compliant it may have to be redone.

#4. Is the area easy to access for heavy machinery?

This is one of the first things contractors think about when assessing a new project site. Without large machinery, it’s impossible to get the job done and yet certain site locations are much more complicated in regards to transporting heavy equipment on site. In some cases, temporary roads and access points must be constructed in order to bring in machinery. If an area is especially difficult to reach and work must be conducted by hand, costs go up even more as there is so much physical labor involved and the project moves slower.

#5. Where is the site located?

Certain areas in, or near, wetlands, woodlands or protected natural habitats may take longer and cost more money to complete due to the need to obtain additional authorization.

#6. Do you require grading services as well?

You cannot build anything stable on land that isn’t flat and properly graded. Of course, grading is an additional cost on top of land clearing. We offer both grading and land clearing commercial services. Prior to grading, there may be site cleaning fees to prepare the land for the next part of the construction process.

#7. How much grubbing does the project require?

Grubbing is the process of removing tree stubs from the ground. This involves specialized skills and equipment, and therefore can influence overall costs. Take a look at the area you plan to clear, how many trees are rooted into the land?

#8. Is demolition involved?

If there are preexisting buildings, walls or other structures on the property, demolition fees may be added to total land clearing costs.

#9. Does your project require an architect?

In most cases, if you are clearing land for construction purposes you’ll need to consult with an architect or two along the way. Architects help ensure long term safety, stability and building code requirements. 

How To Prepare Your Site For Land Clearing

-Get proper permitting by checking with your local planning department. This ensures from the get-go that you have the proper authorization needed to embark on the project. Your permit may include permission to clear ground, but additional permits might be necessary as well.

-Find a trusted contractor to take care of the job.

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