Asphalt Repairs You Should Never Ignore Or Postpone

Asphalt Repairs You Should Never Ignore Or Postpone

There are a number of asphalt repairs you should never ignore, including asphalt cracks, potholes and drainage issues. Otherwise, much larger problems will arise that won’t be so easy to fix. Postponing necessary repairs also puts the overall safety of your customers and employees at risk.

Fixing Potholes In Asphalt

Potholes commonly form when water seeps beneath the pavement subsequently expanding and contracting. This puts pressure on asphalt until it begins to crack and break apart. As water weakens and erodes asphalt, it will begin to collapse when cars drive over it. Potholes are especially common after the rain or snow season, simply because more water and moisture has a chance to get inside.

Prevent Safety Hazards

Your business should never ignore potholes for a few fundamental reasons. For one, potholes present a safety hazard to you, customers and employees. Potholes are incredibly easy to trip over. The more foot traffic you get, the greater the risk of injury, for which your business could be held responsible. Potholes may also damage vehicles. Even small potholes can damage vehicles that are low to the ground. Your customers trust you to keep them safe by staying on top of asphalt repairs.

Improve Business Appeal

If your parking lot, roads or other parts of your business are covered in potholes it provides an unkempt appearance that takes away from your curb appeal. The parking area is the first thing your customers see when they pull into your location, and first impressions count. You work hard to maintain every other aspect of your business, so don’t forget about fixing potholes. It may come as a surprise, but potholes can actually devalue your business in terms of resale value and customer traffic.

Prevent Further Damage

The longer you wait to fix potholes the larger and more costly they are going to grow. It’s always cheaper to fix one small pothole than to replace an entire stretch of your parking lot. If potholes are becoming an issue for you, it may have to do with improper water drainage or the layout of the lot. It’s important to not only fix the pothole, but also to identify the contributing factors in order to prevent more potholes from forming in the near future. 

Fixing Cracks In Asphalt

Cracks range from minor little slits that require no repairs at all, to large and potentially dangerous eyesores in need of immediate repairs. Similarly to potholes, cracks often form due to water seeping beneath the asphalt surface. Chemicals such as gas, oil and de-icing salts further complicate cracks. Businesses often notice new cracks after winter since heavy snow and rain lead to water seeping beneath the surface of asphalt. Cold weather also spurs greater fluctuations in temperatures that cause freeze and thaw cycles, contributing to more cracks.

The actual width, length and depth of cracks are used to measure how severe the damage is. When caught and fixed on time, asphalt cracks generally only require minor repairs. But, if you wait too long to conduct repairs you may need to completely replace asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Drainage Issues

Drainage issues contribute to cracks, potholes and other costly issues. It’s important to address drainage issues the moment you pinpoint them. Drainage issues are identifiable by water regularly running through the area or pooling on asphalt.

There are a number of ways that drainage issues are solved, depending on the actual problem and the space you are dealing with. Some common solutions include changing the slope of the area and installing curbing or drainage inlets to help block and redirect the flow of water elsewhere.

Old Looking Asphalt

Asphalt will naturally begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. The sun will cause it to fade as oxygen oxidizes the surface. Fading is generally more of a cosmetic issue. When keeping up with the appearance of your business you may still want to address the issue by adding a seal coat. Over time, oxidization can actually weaken surfaces and cause the need for repairs or even full replacement.

The only way to know for certain if your asphalt needs some TLC is to have it inspected by professional asphalt and concrete repair specialists. Contact Kleenco Construction today and reap the benefits of working with the leading industry professionals.