Asphalt Striping Services: 4 Tips for High Quality Parking Lot Lines & Markings

Asphalt Striping Services: 4 Tips for High Quality Parking Lot Lines & Markings

Asphalt striping is an important component of parking lot appeal and safety, it makes parking lots look better and increases their overall safety, as well as compliance with ADA regulations. Re-striping is generally conducted once every two years or so, but varies based on several factors such as traffic levels and weather. Maintenance, such as cleaning asphalt on a regular basis, helps maintain sharp painted lines that require less frequent re-striping.

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Asphalt Striping

Here are some beneficial tips to make the most out of asphalt striping services.

1. Paint Specifics

Paint must be properly applied to produce bright lines and patterns that are distinguishable to drivers. A water-borne coating is added to fresh asphalt, and chlorinated rubber paint is added to concrete surfaces for better adhesive qualities. If fast-set acrylic waterborne paint is used for re-striping, temperatures must not fall below 45 degrees F. Therefore, asphalt striping is often recommended at certain times of the year.

Paint is applied using a specially designed machine that can create detailed lines with precise accuracy. Some of the paint will be absorbed into the concrete, and so it will look thicker right after application. Therefore, many assume thick layers of paint are best.  Instead, 2 thin layers of paint provide the most consistent texturing as well as appropriate thickness. 

2. Allow Enough Time for Striping to Dry

It typically takes about thirty minutes for parking lot striping to dry. Even if it’s dry to the touch, you should keep traffic off surfaces for at least one-hour after paint is applied. 

3. ADA Compliant Parking Lot Striping

Before starting asphalt striping, check out Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements to ensure you have adequate handicapped spots, van accessible spots, and so forth marked out. The minimum amount of handicapped parking spaces is relative to the total number of spots in a lot. According to, parking lots with 1-25 spots must have 1 handicapped spot. Lots with 26 to 50 parking spaces must maintain 2 handicapped spots. In addition, one in every six spaces must be van accessible.

4. Maintenance is Important for Striping that Lasts

Asphalt striping is fairly low maintenance, but it does need some attention here and there. For one, a good asphalt cleaning helps prevent strips from absorbing stains from tires, spills, and passing birds. Re-striping is typically conducted about once every two years. Specific timelines fluctuate based on traffic levels, susceptibility to debris, local weather conditions, and so forth. Keeping up with maintenance will reduce how often your parking lot requires re-striping services. One way to tell if a parking lot requires re-striping is when current strips are around 75% the quality, color, and brightness they were when first applied.

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