How To Choose The Best Security Fencing For Commercial Locations

How To Choose The Best Security Fencing For Commercial Locations

Different perimeter fencing materials influence overall cost and effectiveness, but all types of security fencing provide numerous benefits to commercial properties. 

Perimeter fencing helps deter crime while maintaining greater safety of the public and employees. When someone breaks into your fencing the overall safety and security of your business is jeopardized. We understand the importance of keeping intruders out, and we excel at installing superior security fencing for a wide variety of commercial locations.   

Perimeter fencing comes in different materials, colors, strengths, heights and styles. All of which can be constructed with any number of entrance and exit gates that seamlessly blend in with surrounding fence. The goal is always to create personalized security fencing that best fits the needs of a particular business.

3 Benefits Of Perimeter Fencing

By simply adding perimeter security fencing to your business you can increase safety and privacy while improving appearances.

1. Added Safety

Adding a fence around your commercial location increases safety in numerous ways. Chain-link fencing is very common at commercial locations, that’s because it provides a good barricade without offering any place for intruders to hide out. It’s strong but see-through, which makes it highly effective. Wrought iron fencing provides the same benefit but is more costly to install. 

2. Improved Appearances

An attractive commercial fence will add appeal to your business, providing a more neat and polished appearance from the street. If appearances are a big motivator to installing a fence, you may want to consider vinyl or wood fencing, which both look very nice and are strong and durable.  While a visual barrier is appealing to the eye, it’s not always the best option in terms of security because it provides intruders with a perfect place to hide.

3. Added Privacy

If your business is trying to increase privacy for any number of reasons, a fully concealed fence is your best bet. A chain link fence or wrought iron fence is not going to make the cut because outsiders can see right in, limiting privacy.

Commercial Security Fencing Materials

Chain Link Fencing remains one of the most popular security fencing materials because it is cost effective and provides a high level of security. Height and thickness remain important elements when installing chain-link fencing. The recommended guidelines are around 6-feet tall and at least 9’-gauge.

Wrought Iron Fencing is similar to chain-link fencing in that it provides a tall and sturdy border around your property. You can also see directly through from either side, which is a benefit for security purposes. While wrought iron has a more high-end look than chain-link fencing, it is more expensive to buy and install.

Welded Steel Fencing is non-galvanized steel welded together to create sections that can then be primed and painted. This type of fencing isn’t highly recommended because it is prone to developing rust in as little as one year. Selecting welded steel fencing means you’ll have to stay on top of consistent maintenance such as wire brushing and repainting. 

Privacy Wood Fencing is a great option if you are seeking to add privacy around your place of business. This is commonly seen in shopping centers that sit beside residential neighborhoods.

Aluminum Ornamental Fences are great in areas susceptible to harsh conditions, such as corrosive chemicals or high air salinity common in coastal regions. 

Vinyl Coated Fencing is similar to a chain-link fence but with the addition of vinyl coating. Vinyl is extremely long lasting and durable and requires little to no maintenance.

Mesh Fencing is cost effective, low maintenance and provides top-notch security.

These are not your only options for commercial security fencing. Your overall goals, budget, business type and location will help determine the best option for you.

Security Fencing: The Kleenco Difference

Kleenco Construction continues to lead the way in commercial security fencing, including installation and repairs. Regardless if you are looking to increase security, privacy or curb appeal, we can help you accomplish it all!

We offer:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Wood privacy fencing
  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates
  • Cantilever gates
  • Railing repairs
  • Cuts from theft repairs
  • Replacement of materials such as chain mesh, flat stamped panels and welded wire panels