Commercial Asphalt Paving Chattanooga: 6 Things to Consider

Commercial Asphalt Paving Chattanooga: 6 Things to Consider

Commercial asphalt paving in Chattanooga involves more than just applying asphalt to surfaces, there are on-site inspections, different materials to choose from, and best water drainage practices to consider. When you work with Kleenco Construction, you can rest assured we have the experience and know-how to complete commercial asphalt paving projects right the first time around. Our level of service starts with great customer communication, allowing us to uncover the exact needs and requirements of a project.

Here are some important things to consider for commercial asphalt paving in Chattanooga.

1. The Best Time of Year to Pave Surfaces

Chattanooga heats up in the summer and snowfall is common in the winter. Asphalt is a super-hot liquid when applied and must cool within a certain period for best results. When the weather is cold, asphalt will cool too fast causing it to develop bumps and clumps that’ll never go away unless you tear up surfaces and start from scratch.

In regions like Chattanooga that experience all 4 seasons, the best times of year to pave asphalt surfaces are during summer, early fall, or late spring when the weather is warmer.

2. On-Site Inspections are Crucial

Experienced contractors visit your business prior to conducting any work. This is the best way to assess the scope of the project, plan for the best materials, construction methods, and so forth. This also gives you a chance to speak with the contractor about your goals, what the site will be used for, etc. This ensures the highest quality finished product.

3. The Best Materials for the Job

From installations to repairs, there are a variety of different materials to choose from based upon the specifications of your project and the land you’re working with. Your asphalt contractor should hold an open discussion with you about the best material(s) and why. There are important things to share with your contractor to help identify the best materials possible. For instance, if you are interested in green asphalt, you’d like to improve water drainage, or roads will be exposed to a regular influx of heavy semi-trucks, these are all important things that’ll influence the best materials and practices.

4. The Best Paving Equipment for the Job

The equipment used to install asphalt matters nearly as much as materials used. Select a paving company that uses newer up to date equipment. Old and outdated equipment can lead to delays during the construction process. These holdups could impact the quality of asphalt produced if asphalt cools too quickly before it’s complete. Asphalt paving machines can cost $100,000+, hence why some contractors may try and do the job by hand. There’s a reason machinery costs so much, it makes all the difference to the outcome of a project. No one can pave by hand and experience the same quality and efficiency as a paving machine.

5. Water Drainage & Asphalt Go Hand-in-Hand

Think twice before hiring a commercial paving contractor that does not discuss good water drainage practices. After all, water drainage is an important component of quality asphalt surfaces. Water drainage is important because it determines the longevity of surfaces. A poorly designed parking lot leads to flooding and pooling of water. When water sits on surfaces for prolonged periods of time it causes issues to develop, including cracks, potholes, and so forth.

Additionally, poor asphalt drainage leads to increased pollution in local waterways from storm water runoff. Gasoline and other pollutants build up on paved surfaces and these toxins mix with rainwater, flowing into storm water drainage systems. Storm water is not treated before entering local streams and rivers. Proper drainage practices account for this and reduce pollution of local storm water runoff.

6. What About Your Needs?

A good contractor wants to know as much about your project as possible—including needs, budget, goals, etc. Every commercial paving project is slightly different and should be treated as such. We don’t lump our clients together and perform rudimentary services for everyone. Instead, we take each project and its specific characteristics into consideration to produce the best results time and time again.

For unsurpassed Chattanooga commercial asphalt paving services, contact Kleenco Construction today.