Important Guidelines for Commercial Land Clearing in Chattanooga

Important Guidelines for Commercial Land Clearing in Chattanooga

Land clearing is a term used to define the removal of all trees, brush, or structures on a plot of land to make room for something entirely different. Commercial land clearing in Chattanooga may be performed before constructing a new house, digging a man-made pond, installing a new road or driveway, or any number of redevelopment projects. 

Land clearing isn’t as simple as one might assume. There are a lot of things to consider such as environmental regulations, local laws and codes, and proper disposal of waste. Not to mention, land clearing can turn up bee hives, massive snakes, and all kinds of unexpected surprises. Leave it to the professionals at Kleenco Construction and you’re sure to enjoy better results than if you try and go at it alone.

The Land Clearing Process: What is Involved?

There are three basic components or processes to land clearing in Chattanooga, including stump removal method, stump decomposition method, and waste material disposal.

Stump Removal Method involves cutting down all trees and transporting them off site. At this point, big machines are brought in to grind down left behind stumps as well as knock down and remove any remaining stumps or brush. This type of land clearing is most common before the construction of a building because the ground must be level and clear before a pad or foundation can get underway. That means no tree stumps left behind.

Stump Decomposition Method involves cutting down all trees and brush and removing them off site. Yet, unlike stump removal, stump decomposition involves letting the left-behind stumps naturally decompose. This is more common when immediate construction is not planned for a site. It is more affordable because you skip an entire step, although it does leave behind a lot of unsightly tree stumps and decomposing waste you may need to remove at some point.

Waste Material Disposal is an important component of both stump removal and stump decomposition. It involves what to do with all the waste materials generated after land clearing. For instance, selling trees to milling companies offers a more environmentally sensitive option. Trees and brush can also be grinded down and used as rich mulch for soil. We can take care of disposals and are more than happy to discuss options with you. 

Land Clearing Considerations

When breaking down your plan and budget for commercial land clearing, consider the following questions. If you’re unsure of the answers, an industry expert at Kleenco Construction is more than happy to help—contact us today!

-What are the costs to clear the land vs. the reward/pay off?

-What are the costs to maintain the land after it is cleared?

-Water drainage—what are your options; will there be additional or new drainage issues post-land clearing?

-How will you prevent soil erosion?

-Do you need to obtain any permits before you can begin clearing the site?

-Are you removing valuable timber that could be sold to a lumber broker?

-What type of machinery will be used to clear the land? Certain machinery is far superior and can reduce the time the job takes and the toll it plays on the environment.

Land Clearing in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Kleenco Construction is trusted to take care of some of the largest commercial projects in the industry. We have the skills, equipment and professionalism to get the job done right the first time around. No matter how extensive the job, we pay close attention to every detail. Contact us today for a quote!