How To Pick The Right Commercial Concrete Company in 7 Simple Steps

How To Pick The Right Commercial Concrete Company in 7 Simple Steps

Previous job experience, areas of expertise and familiarity with your project needs are just a few important points to consider when finding the right commercial concrete company for your job.

Before picking just any company you’ll likely meet with representatives from 2 or more companies in order to collect quotes. Pay close attention to every last detail in order to pick the best company for the job. For instance, look for someone that shows true passion for what they do, because passion will always result in the best outcome. Also, avoid just looking at costs, some bids are high and others low, more important is a company’s quality of work and what’s included in their quote.

Picking The Right Commercial Concrete Company

#1. Ask Around

Unless you have a lot of knowledge and experience working with concrete, it might be difficult to pinpoint a quality contractor without a little assistance. Start asking neighboring businesses, friends and colleagues if they have worked with any commercial concrete companies they recommend.

If you don’t have anyone in particular to ask, Google is always there for you and full of recommendations. Search commercial concrete companies in your area and see who has the best reviews.

#2. Research Previous Experience

When trying to find the right commercial concrete company it’s important to find someone that has successfully completed projects similar to yours. Take a look at their portfolio of projects to see what types of experience they have. If none of their projects are relative to your line of work, it might be best to find someone else to do the job.

#3. Talk To Previous Clients

Ask if you can speak to any previous clients for reference, or simply reach out to someone who has used their services that you have a direct contact link to. Find out if the project was completed professionally, on time and for the quoted amount as well as how it is holding up now?

#4. Are They Licensed and Insured?

If a concrete company is not licensed and insured you could become liable if someone is hurt on your property. Ask to see proof of licensing and insurance in order to prevent any unexpected calamities from turning into a big financial loss or lawsuit.

#5. Do You Feel Comfortable With Them?

After meeting with contractors to go over project specs, budgets and quotes, how comfortable do you feel working with a particular company? You want to go with a company that makes you feel good about your decision.

#6. Avoid The Lowest Price (Unless It’s Really The Best Option)

Set a budget before you go hunting for contractors and realize that some contractors are going to bid above your budget and others under your budget. Often the best solution is somewhere near the middle. The cheapest proposal might sound great–who doesn’t love saving money?–but it could end up costing you more money if the job isn’t completed correctly.

You may also end up paying a lot more money than expected as you get into the project, say for instance that low quote didn’t include the cost of materials. Whenever you receive a quote make sure to get all specifications and break downs for what the quote covers. Also, be sure that this price point falls in line with your timeline or when you need to have the job completed by (if applicable).

#7. How Professional Are They?

Commercial concrete companies are going to be coming onto your property to do work. That means your customers could have direct interactions with workers. It’s important that contractors give off a respectable and professional appearance. Standard uniforms and professional codes of conduct are essential in order to prevent hiring a bunch of clowns that scare your customers away with unkempt appearances and out of control swear words.

We consider professionalism of utmost importance around here. We strive to make your concrete look great as well as the overall reputability of your business. Our crews wear matching uniforms and behave as upstanding citizens whenever out on the job. You can rest assured that we stop at nothing to maintain a professional image.