How Resurfaced Concrete Can Save You Money

How Resurfaced Concrete Can Save You Money

Resurfacing concrete could save you thousands of dollars by extending concrete lifespan and reducing larger maintenance issues. It also provides a like-new look to concrete for a fraction of the cost to rip out and replace concrete.

Concrete offers an appealing surface for driveways, parking lots, patios and so forth. But if you don’t keep up with the proper maintenance you’ll quickly realize that it won’t look great for long. Overtime, concrete develops cracks and other imperfections that start off as eyesores but eventually transform into damages that can impact overall structural stability.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Overtime concrete develops stains from oil and cracks from regular wear and tear. A cost-effective solution to making concrete look and function like new is resurfacing. This is far more cost-effective than replacing concrete. Resurfacing not only looks good but it also helps concrete maintain its durability for many years to come.

There is a specific process to getting the job done right, which includes thoroughly prepping and cleaning surfaces. Prior to applying resurfacing materials, the weather must be just right otherwise surfaces will not properly cure and you could end up with an issue on your hands. The actual process is equally important to a seamless finished product, as is the amount of time it has to properly cure before traffic is reintroduced to surfaces.

How Does Resurfacing Concrete Save You Money?

One single crack in concrete might not look so bad but if ignored for too long water will eventually seep inside. If this water goes through freeze and thaw cycles, it’ll start to break down entire sections of concrete. Another common problem involves plants growing up through concrete cracks.

When your concrete starts to look aged and weathered it’s tempting to simply replace it, but replacing concrete is far from cheap. It’s far more affordable to repair concrete as needed, which includes resurfacing concrete.

Commercial locations, apartment communities, or anywhere that gets more traffic than a standard residential home is really going to benefit from resurfacing treatments. Concrete in high-traffic areas requires more maintenance to remain in good condition and last a long time.

It might cost you thousands of dollars to install all new concrete to an area, but it costs a mere fraction of that to resurface the same area. Your goal is to replace concrete as infrequently as possible. Keeping up with necessary resurfacing treatments ensures you don’t have to replace your concrete as often.

Reduce Inconveniences By Resurfacing Concrete

Replacing concrete can turn into a multi-day process that involves ripping up and removing old surfaces before applying the new concrete. Fresh concrete must sit and cure before anyone can walk or drive over it. This inconveniences your business and anyone that frequents it. Resurfacing concrete takes a lot less time and therefore reduces overall inconveniences.

Resurfaced Concrete Can Look Like New

If someone tells you that resurfaced concrete never looks as good as brand new concrete, it’s simply not true. When done right, resurfacing can look just as good as brand new concrete and for far less money and hassles.

You could even use the opportunity to add a decorative finish to concrete surfaces. Or, add powdered colorfast pigments to the water used in the overlay mix to give concrete new coloring. Even if you are just resurfacing part of your concrete, it should match up with original surfaces so that it looks smooth and like new.

Can Concrete Be Too Damaged For Overlay?

Yes. In some cases, concrete is too far gone to salvage with overlay or resurfacing techniques. A trustworthy contractor will give you an honest opinion regarding the value of resurfacing concrete based on its current appearance and stability.

Light surface spalling is not a death sentence to your concrete, and neither is damage from snow, ice, erosion or sun. Even concrete covered in mold, algae or mildew can often be repaired with cleaning and resurfacing treatments. The things that make concrete unfixable are a faulty base or instabilities in its overall structure.

Badly crumbling or cracked concrete, or concrete slabs with big gaps where one chunk sits higher than the other, might be too far-gone to repair with overlay. Let us take a look at your concrete to see if it will benefit from resurfacing.

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