The Underlying Cost of Pothole Damage in Tennessee

The Underlying Cost of Pothole Damage in Tennessee

Did you know that vehicle damages caused by potholes cost drivers thousands of dollars per year? Rising temperatures, melting snow, freeze and thaw cycles, these natural weather patterns contribute to the development of potholes. In Tennessee, potholes are relatively common and need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent costly damage to vehicles. Plus, unfixed potholes will only worsen, leading to larger roadway damages requiring more extensive repairs. The sooner you take care of pothole damage, the better.

Driver Claims for Pothole Damages

In many states, including Tennessee, drivers can file a claim against the city if they experience damages to their vehicle caused by potholes. Cases are assessed based upon the type and location of pothole, if there were previous notifications about the pothole, and if there has been adequate time to make repairs.

Flat Tires Caused by Potholes

According to a AAA study conducted in 2016, over the last five years, drivers footed a cumulative bill in the neighborhood of $15 billion. The cause? Damaged roadways, including potholes. That massive numbers breaks down to about $300 per driver.

I remember the time my mom popped a tire on her convertible because she went over a pothole too quickly. AAA gets a lot of calls that sound a lot like this scenario. In fact, they report responding to over four million nationwide calls each year from people requiring assistance to repair a flat tire, often caused by a pothole. Furthermore, as much as 50% of flat tire repairs are accumulated during times of the year when roadway conditions are at their worst. 

Sounds great for anyone who owns a tire repair shop. But, for the rest of us, it’s not good news.

Other Vehicle Damage Caused by Potholes

It’s not just flat tires. Potholes contribute to other vehicle damages as well. For instance, rim damage is another concern. Rim damage can occur because of a blown tire. Plus, sidewall damage and cracks can form along the tire’s interior due to driving over rough roads. These damages can build up and contribute to a popped tire after driving over a particularly savage pothole.

Driving on rough roadways surfaces can also lead to suspension damage, as well as issues with a vehicle’s steering system. It can also force wheels out of alignment, which means yet another repair the mechanic can tack onto your bill.

The Push to Repair Roadways

Better roadway conditions lessen the financial burden on drivers by reducing the money motorists must spend on things like repairing a flat tire or readjusting alignment. But that’s not all, there are many other benefits of maintaining roadways and fixing issues like cracks, alligator cracking, and potholes as soon as they arise.

Repairing roadways offers benefits for everyone, including the unit in charge of maintaining roadways. By fixing pothole damage, you can prevent further worsening of conditions. Potholes can be repaired but when left in disrepair they can expand into larger issues that may require complete replacement of roadways. Preventative maintenance is always more affordable than reactive maintenance. There are so many benefits to having roadways inspected and repaired on a regular basis.

According to data gathered and shared by AAA, repairing pothole damage and improving roads could save over 60,000 lives! Plus, it could prevent over 350,000 injuries from occurring over the next twenty-years.

Roadways Require Repairs?

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