Our Team is thorough, dedicated, and knowledgeable. This sets us apart from the other contractors. This is the Kleenco difference.

At Kleenco Construction our dedication and knowledge of the industry is what sets us apart. With over 25 years of experience we have what it takes to make sure your project is completed efficiently and cost effectively.

To guarantee the success of each project we analyze the conditions of your specific requests and location to guarantee the effectiveness of the project. In doing this we are establishing long term solutions for your commercial facility. We also perform risk and liability assessments for each and every project to determine the most effective method for completing the project before we even arrive on site.

Our services are specific and specialized to focus on existing operating retail and industrial environment which require the following:

  • Complete understanding of the operation to determine the best work phasing to minimize disruption of the client’s requirements to their customers.
  • Risk and liability assessment for the client, customers, and company.
  • Long term and real time weather impact studies.
  • Proper resources required for scope of work based on phasing and work time frames.
  • Contingency planning for unexpected and unforeseen conditions.
  • Detailed and precise communication between everyone involved with the project from pre-planning to project close out.
  • Professional image, interaction, and representation of our customers.
  • Understanding and compassion for those who are using our work area when we are complete.
  • Clear and defined planning, scope of work, and schedule.
  • Strong supplier and vendor relationship’s to support project resources needed.

Our Services


Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing is needed when you either need to keep something in or keep something or someone out. Protect your investments with security fencing.

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Water Management Solutions

Making sure that you are up to your local rules and regulation for storm water management is not only a requirement by law, but our civic duty. We can help.

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The Importance Of Regular Concrete Maintenance

Commercial Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is a very commonly used material used for commercial properties. While asphalt is very reliable it does need maintaining from time to time.

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Commercial Concrete Installations

Concrete is a versatile and reliable material to use for many commercial properties. If you are in the market to find the right concrete guys look no further.

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Asphalt paving services

Commercial Asphalt Installation

When you are planning out a new commercial space your parking and vehicle traffic are definable items that need to be planned for. Call us, we can help.

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Commercial Concrete Repair

When you have a commercial space the highly trafficked arias take the biggest beating. We can help you with your concrete repairs.

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Land Clearing and Excavation

Land clearing and excavation is not just about moving dirt around. It is a precise service that helps you build the foundation for any new commercial space.

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Asphalt Milling and Grading

Asphalt milling can be a solution for your space. Sometimes milling is the only solution for an asphalt installation that is in need of repair.

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