What do you want your customer's first impression to be?

Your customer's first impression is of the parking lot and grounds as they are looking for a parking space. You don't want to create a bad impression by having pot holes, cracks, alligatoring asphalt, faded striping, cracked concrete, etc.  You want your parking lot to be clean, crisp, and inviting as this is the entrance to your store.


Who we are:

Kleenco Construction is a full scale site services provider specializing in repair and retrofit services to existing facilities. We are in the business of making your customer's first impression a great one! 


What we do:

Kleenco offers maintenance, repair, and installation of asphalt and concrete, storm water management, site improvements, fencing repair and installation, utility repair, leak detection, pond maintenance, excavation, and specialty projects on an as needed basis.


What makes us different:

Our relationship with our customers!  We donít want to service the whole market.  We want to develop relationships with a select group of customers which enables us to be their total site solutions provider.  We will worry about your customer's first impression so you don't have to!