Commercial Concrete Installations

We Know Concrete

Whether you are looking for a conventional full depth replacement or to add a decorative flair to your existing space we have solutions for you. Kleenco has complete concrete crews to service the repair, maintenance, and installation needs of our clients.

Commercial Concrete Services

Over time Kleenco has engineered and perfected many repair and installation methods and has determined which products are best suited for all potential environmental conditions. Examples of potential environmental conditions are location, weather, time of installation, and available working hours. Make sure you are prepared and up to your local standards.  Some examples of a typical drainage system solutions are collection bins, trench drains, open flume systems.

Concrete Sales and Distribution Flooring

Sales and distribution floor installation and repairs is another service that we provide for our customers. Using state of the art equipment, highly qualified and certified technicians, and maintaining a comprehensive safety program means our customers are provided with the best concrete flooring installation repair and maintenance available. Some popular places for concrete flooring are schools, warehouses, high end retail spaces, restaurants, and office spaces.

Concrete Signage Installation

We also offer concrete signage installations for your convenience. Many times we can complete this project while we are working on your parking lot installation. Our experts are on call to meet your concrete signage needs. From apartment entryway signage installations to retail shopping center signage we have a solution for you.

Decorative Concrete

During the construction of any project, the coordination of the trades is an integral part of the process. That is why it is important to add those decorative touches when possible. That is why we offer Decorative Concrete maintenance and installation.  We provide the installation, repair, and maintenance services for most decorative concrete surfaces, including stamped, stenciled, and smooth finished or colored.

Sidewalk and Curbing Installations

When it comes to your retail spaces having a nice walkway for pedestrians is key. We can make sure that in adding a clean and functional sidewalk to your facility you will have the proper drainage all the while increasing your property value and staying up to code with your local policies. We also offer concrete curbing installation and repair to help you maintain your commercial property’s value.