Commercial Concrete Repair

Sales and Distribution Floor Repairs

When your space is damaged your customers can be deterred from returning to your retail space. We have the skills and the team to make sure your space is repaired in a timely fashion, all the while finding solutions to help your company stay within budget.

Sidewalk Repair

Many times when you think about maintaining your commercial property it is easy to forget about the most commonly used spaces, like you entryway sidewalk. Do not let your space degenerate. We can help you repair your sidewalk so that your apartment complex, office compound or shopping center keep their curb appeal for years to come.

Concrete Curbing Repair

Overtime water can freeze and thaw within the crevices of your structure. This can cause significant damage over time. Concrete curbing is no exception to this rule. We can efficiently repair all of your commercial space’s concrete curbing.

Joint and Crack Repair

This is one of the most significant problems commercial building owners face. We have very specialized equipment and highly skilled employees that can effectively repair existing spalled joints and cracks in interior and exterior applications. We know how important it is to for commercial property owners to maintain the upkeep of their facility. This is why we make sure that the application selected for installation in these areas will be suited for environmental conditions present (UV stabilized, water exposure, moving joint, freeze cycle, etc.)